How to Reconstruct Volkswagen Carburetor Parts?

Beginners Guide for Rebuilding Volkswagen Carburetor

The main role of carburetor in your Volkswagen car is to blend the right quantity of fuel with air so that the engine functions properly. If the right amount of fuel is not mixed with air, the engine operates lean and either will possibly damage the engine or the engine will not function. If excess of fuel is combined with air, the engine functions rich and either will run smoky, will not run or it would run poorly (stalls easily or bogs down). So, the role of Volkswagen carburetor parts is very important in getting the combination just right. Before proceeding further, let’s first take a look at the main parts of the carburetor.

volkswagen carburetor parts

Main parts of the VW Carburetor

Before learning the procedure to rebuild Volkswagen carburetor, let’s get to know about the main parts of a VW carburetor. A carburetor is necessarily a tube with an adjustable plate across it known as the throttle plate. This plate regulates the amount of air that can flow across the tube. At one particular point in the tube, you will find a narrowing known as the venturi. This is the place where creation of vacuum takes places. In venturi, you can find a hole known as jet, which allows the vacuum draw in fuel.

volkswagen carburetor parts

How to Rebuild VW Carburetor?

Now, shifting our focus on to the procedure to rebuild VW carburetor, here’s how to do it.

  • Detach the top covering from the carburetor. Few of the VW model cars may need a Phillips screwdriver in order to detach the screws that hold the cover in place. While, in few models, the top covering may be held in position with bolts and will need a crescent or socket wrench to detach them.
  • Next, find the carburetor gasket, which is usually located between the bottom and top plates. Detach the gasket and put it in trash. Sprinkle little cleaning fluid over the corners and joints of the carburetor. Wipe off any surplus debris that you may find.
  • Put little lubricating oil on a waste piece of cloth and rub it along the connectors and joints of the carburetor. Get a new carburetor gasket and oil it slightly before placing it in the carburetor between the 2 plates.
  • Detach the jets from the carburetor. See if the jets are damaged as worn out jets can lead to abnormal flow of fuel. If you find any kind of damage, throw the old jets away and replace them with new ones in the ports from where the old ones were removed.
  • Detach the 4 screws fixed to the accelerator pump. Detach it from the carburetor. Place a new pump and fasten it with the 4 screws.
  • Re-fix the top covering by making use of the bolts or screws that were removed earlier. Replace the carburetor within the engine and re-bond the fuel lines with your hands and press them into the connectors.

Following this simple guide will help you rebuild VW carburetor easily. Remember, timely replacement of the parts can improve the efficiency of the carburetor, and in turn the performance of your vehicle on the whole.

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